I took a couple of driving lessons just the day before my PDA to help me to go through the test as I had to renovate my overseas driving licence into a full WA one.

A friend of mine recommended Bec, gave me her number and I found her as a friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable instructor. When I met her, she was ready with well-planned lessons. Furthermore, she explained all the parking, turning, and moving exercises and diagrams in details using tiny cars, highlights and coloured pens for explanation which was really interesting. She was really encouraging, supportive and helpful. She taught me more than I expected and more than the test requirements!

She was correcting my common mistakes and unaccepted driving techniques using acronyms and easy remembered expressions but kept her eye on my confidence to be as strong as possible.

I am grateful to her efforts and lovely patience. I will not forget her forever. I confirmed her ability and control over the duty when I passed the test next morning and texted her at once.

“Dear Bec, my wonderful instructor, I have passed the test. Sirwan”

So, whoever stuck in the test, just call Bec.

Thank you so much again to all Road Rules staff.

Sirwan Ali

In one week I had three lessons with Bec and the amount I learned in such a short period was incredible and definitely helpful for passing my test. Bec really built my confidence and made me feel very comfortable, and the written notes given were so useful to take and learn from. Would definitely recommend Road Rules to anyone! Thanks so much!


I’d like to thank Bec from Road Rules for helping me gain the confidence and knowledge needed to pass my driving assessment. From the beginning I felt comfortable and reassured to start learning with Bec. Her professional and caring manner always put me at ease. Bec was always patient with me until i was finally ready to take the test. I would highly recommend Road Rules to anyone wanting driving lessons.

Kristy Verevis