I want to say a huge THANK YOU for your driving lessons/ instructions. It is my great pleasure in giving this appreciation note. Two of you (Bec & Paul) are excellent driving instructors I met. Specially, I had lessons with Bec and she was a highly qualified and experienced instructor. She was very professional in her approach to training. Bec recognized my weaknesses and gave lessons to improve my driving. English is my second language and Bec helped me to understand her lessons with drawings patiently. I appreciate that so much. I can honestly say they did not want to do more lessons with a view of getting more money. After giving all the techniques in four to five lessons Bec advised me to do practice which showed their professionalism? I was successful in obtaining driver’s license, doing the test at Morley licencing centre. I am really happy to recommend ROAD RULES to anyone, who wants great teachers to teach them to driving. Thank you.

Harshi De Silva

When I was struggling with learning to drive, multiple friends suggested I try Road Rules Driving School, as they had had great results from there. I was happy with the professionalism and knowledge of Road Rules from the very first lesson and knew that this was the driving school I wanted to learn with. I was able to book regular lessons around work and university commitments, knowing that with Bec’s instruction I would be getting the most out of each session. The choice of Road Rules has definitely paid off, leading me to pass my test first time at Morley. Thank you so much Bec for your time and patience, as well as the notes and diagrams that you provided, which were extremely helpful when practicing outside of lessons. Your support and friendly nature are also much appreciated; I felt comfortable and confident in the car, a complete change from the intimidation and nerves I felt previously. I would definitely recommend Road Rules Driving School to any friends or family and know that they will receive the same level of high quality. Thanks again!

Caitlyn Harvey

I am currently so happy, having passed my practical driving test on my first attempt! I am so grateful to Bec and Road Rules for their fantastic teaching and efforts in teaching me to drive! I remember my first lesson – I had never driven on the road before, and within five minutes, I was driving along Beaufort St in peak hour! At no point did I feel unsafe and I was so excited after the lesson. I looked forward to every driving lesson – Bec was an amazing teacher. She was always encouraging, on time, patient and explained everything really clearly to me. Each lesson, I felt like I had made substantial progress, and was not only learning how to drive, but also learning how to be safe on the roads. When it came to the day of my driving test, she helped to make me feel a lot less nervous and comfortable. Whilst learning with Road Rules, I recommended it to several people, and I will continue to in the future! As I said, I’m so happy to have passed my driving test, but sad I won’t be having anymore lessons with Bec and Road Rules! 

Isabella Jackson

Just before my first driving lesson I was quite nervous because I had only been driving once before and I found it quite difficult to get used to. After only a few minutes of my first lesson, I felt a lot less nervous. I was very privileged to have Bec as my driving instructor, she always arrived on time, she was patient and gave me all the knowledge and tips I needed for driving and for my test. Once I had done a few lessons with her I was feeling very confident with my driving. Out of natural instinct, I was quite nervous for my test but still felt confident in my driving. I was able to use the company car for the test and we had a lesson beforehand which I found extremely helpful. I was well prepared thanks to Bec and Road Rules. I passed my test first time with 98% and got a very nice compliment on my driving from my examiner. I would definitely recommend road rules to all of my friends who are learning to drive with no doubt. Thank you.

Aishah Chadwick-Stumpf

Thanks to Road Rules and Bec in particular, I passed my PDA at Morley on my first attempt! Bec was always on time for our lessons and has very good knowledge of all the requirements for the test. From the very first lesson Bec made me feel comfortable in the car and gave me confidence on the road. Bec was so patient and I would definitely recommend Road Rules Driving School to anyone wanting to pass their PDA fist time! Thanks again Bec!

Chelsea Burleigh

Driving for me at first was a scary experience where road rules were hard to understand and even remember. Through road rules driving school and my instructor Bec, these confusing rules soon became clear. Bec slowly and patiently explained clearly to me all the tricky parts of driving a car and clarifying all the road rules I was confused with. She prepared me for my test which was held at Morley, where I was going for my test first time and was nervous. Bec took me on a lesson beforehand and allowed me to relax and pass the test easily. The upcoming lessons before the test Bec took me through test procedures where she explained what I was going to be facing in my test, taking me through everything that I needed to know to pass. Bec was always friendly and approachable which allowed me to ask her any questions in regards to any confusion I had with driving and she was never late for my lesson. Through Bec’s teaching I am now able to continue my next step in driving and complete my log book. Thank you Bec for all your help!!

Natasha Ziino

My experience with Road Rules was definitely rewarding and satisfying. I had been through two instructors before meeting Bec and failed my automatic practical test three times with these previous instructors. One day I stumbled across ‘Road Rules’ on the internet after months of not being motivated enough to learn how to drive again nor having the confidence to learn to drive again. Stumbling across Road Rules was one of the best things that happened to me last year. Being 21 without a license was always difficult & I had no freedom! After my very first lesson with Bec, I regained my confidence straight away and was very motivated to continue learning and eventually sit my practical test again. Bec has a very positive attitude & her teaching technique was very effective & I was able to learn so much at once and at ease. After a few lessons, I sat my test (at Morley – which has a reputation of being the hardest centre) and guess what… I passed on my FIRST GO! After being on L’s for 6 months, I now have my full license, on red P’s (at 22, but better late than never)! Thank you SO MUCH Bec, you were excellent! I have recommended you to my sister & my younger cousins (as all my friends already have their licence!) You were by far the best instructor I ever had & passing my first go surely proved it! See you on the road!

Yvonne Vo

It was through the many recommendations from friends that I decided to undertake lessons from Road Rules Driving School, and I could not be happier with the outcome! After a rocky start to my driving experience with another driving school, I was lacking the confidence and the essential skills required in order to pass my practical test. But that all changed after my first driving lesson with Bec, I learned more in that first lesson than my previous lessons combined! Bec’s extensive knowledge of the Driving Test requirements and procedures ensured that I was well prepared for the test and her professional, friendly and calm approach made the lessons enjoyable and boosted my confidence on the road. The extra theory notes that Road Rules provides also reinforce the skills developed in the lessons and again ensured I had all the knowledge required to pass the test. I would like to thank you so much Bec, it was through the lessons that I had with you I was able to pass the practical driving test first take. This positive experience has made me a safe and confident driver on the road and I will continue to recommend Bec and Road Rules to my friends and family.

Lana Murphy