Yvonne Vo

My experience with Road Rules was definitely rewarding and satisfying. I had been through two instructors before meeting Bec and failed my automatic practical test three times with these previous instructors. One day I stumbled across ‘Road Rules’ on the internet after months of not being motivated enough to learn how to drive again nor having the confidence to learn to drive again. Stumbling across Road Rules was one of the best things that happened to me last year. Being 21 without a license was always difficult & I had no freedom! After my very first lesson with Bec, I regained my confidence straight away and was very motivated to continue learning and eventually sit my practical test again. Bec has a very positive attitude & her teaching technique was very effective & I was able to learn so much at once and at ease. After a few lessons, I sat my test (at Morley – which has a reputation of being the hardest centre) and guess what… I passed on my FIRST GO! After being on L’s for 6 months, I now have my full license, on red P’s (at 22, but better late than never)! Thank you SO MUCH Bec, you were excellent! I have recommended you to my sister & my younger cousins (as all my friends already have their licence!) You were by far the best instructor I ever had & passing my first go surely proved it! See you on the road!

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