Taylor McLaughlin

A massive thank you to Bec Cohen at Road Rules Driving School. I passed my PDA on first attempt thanks to the amazing lessons I had. Bec turned up for each of my lessons on time and ran me through everything I needed to know about driving. Using a sheet with all the procedures on it, and having little toy cars, to explain how I needed to attempt them was very helpful and it allowed me to take information home so that I could look through it at any time. Bec’s teaching style was amazing, not only did I learn everything I needed but she was also kind, easy to talk to and had plenty of patience each time I made a mistake. I also had the pleasure of having a couple of lessons with Paul Cohen. Paul also showed the same patience and kindness needed when learning to drive. Being able to run through mock tests allowed me to see where I needed work and gave me an opportunity to revise the areas that I was not so strong on. I appreciate all the support I had from Bec and was able to attempt my PDA with confidence and ended with an amazing outcome. I definitely recommend Road Rules as a driving school to anyone who is learning to drive.

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