Ants and Cat Grassi

As parents going through this all for the first time, we were after someone who would take our most precious asset, our daughter and our little girl, under their wing as is if she was their own, and show her above all how to stay safe on the road. At the same time show us a few tips on being good instructors as well.

We’re so glad we came to you through the recommendation of some close friends where you did the same thing in looking after their daughter.  I think these days too many people run a business just to make financial gain and not caring about anything else, rather than focusing on what really matters with the service they provide and understanding what it all means and how it fits into the learners life and that of the parents and family.  Let’s face it, a child learning to drive is a serious milestone and life event!

You certainly demonstrated care, empathy, trust and understanding all the way through Ella’s journey and we are very grateful and appreciative of the effort you put in.  We look forward to calling you in the not too distant future to look after daughter number two!!

Warmest regards

Ants and Cat Grassi

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