I am a WA Senior Citizen who has driven overseas with a full licence for 20 years (since 1971) and subsequently in Western Australia with a full WA licence for the past 24 years (since 1991) without any questions about my driving ability. My total driving experience therefore amounts to 44 years of driving both overseas and here in Western Australia.

An unfortunate set of circumstances required me to undertake a driving test again. I was extremely confident that I could not fail the driving test but thankfully I did engage Road Rules Driving School to give me some pointers on what exactly a driving test today involves and what the assessors are looking for. I found that in the test there is little regard for experience and you are expected to drive like a “first time” driver and therefore to avoid the embarrassment of failing the test I highly recommend some driving lessons from instructors such as Kerren of Road Rules Driving School. I did it despite the initial embarrassment of taking lessons and passed without any problems.

I can honestly say that despite my thinking I was a “good” driver with a lifetime of experience I would have failed the test had I not had the pointers Kerren gave me.

I found Kerren to be an extremely courteous instructor who most tactfully gave me pointers in how to drive for the purpose of passing the test without causing offence and without any disrespect to my experience and I felt most comfortable with her.

I was also pleased that she went over and above the legal requirements when giving me pointers having due regard as to what may be acceptable (and NOT illegal) in everyday driving but possibly marked down in the test. This I say because it makes “experienced” drivers rethink what we all know is acceptable in day to day driving having regard to the feel of the road and the traffic environment that only comes with experience but will be “marked down” in the test. There is no scope for argument with the assessor.

With regard to professionalism, punctuality and expertise I as a very seasoned professional myself can genuinely say that Kerren ticked all the boxes.

I highly recommend her to any experienced driver who has to be re-assessed to be sure they will pass the test no matter how ridiculous one might think being asked to pass a test after all these years is.

Unfortunately that is the system, so one has no option but to play by the rules and in hindsight I think that getting Kerren to assist me in this regard was the best decision I made.

One very happy WA Senior Citizen

I recently passed my PDA and I would like to say a big thank you to Leanne at Road Rules.
I was learning to drive a manual prior to deciding to go automatic earlier this year.  Leanne was instrumental in teaching me the joys of an automatic car licence.  She was always on time and very positive in the lessons, explaining and doing certain manoeuvres over and over again – just so I could get things right.  She used toy cars and diagrams to demonstrate parking and turns and answered many of my silly questions with patience.
We did double lessons prior to the tests and worked really hard to get me to pass.  Thank you, Leanne –  no doubt that I will be recommending you and Road Rules to anyone who needs driving lessons.

Susy Bungsu

My driving instructor was Kerren. Road rules driving school is a great option to go with , for wanting to pass your PDA! I’ve hired a lot of different driving schools in the past and road rules was the best by far, very friendly and they really focus on the areas you need to practice, very professional and over all just brilliant! Never thought I would pass , but thanks too these guys I aced it!

Emma Ramm

In one week I had three lessons with Bec and the amount I learned in such a short period was incredible and definitely helpful for passing my test. Bec really built my confidence and made me feel very comfortable, and the written notes given were so useful to take and learn from. Would definitely recommend Road Rules to anyone! Thanks so much!


Here it goes to the most wonderful driving instructor.

My instructor was Bec. She was absolutely fantastic. I was with other driving school before which was really not up to the standards but I must say Road Rules has it all!☺

Bec is calm and patient which made me feel more confident and relaxed. She is often firm with what she wants out of the student and the way she communicates is worth appreciating. She is very knowledgeable, she explains the different techniques used which proves to be very important for the learner. She made me pass my test in the first go!!!I recommend Bec to anyone who wants to learn to drive without getting nervous.

Thank you very much Bec, I could not have done it without you.




Leanne was very helpful to me throughout my driving journey. She gave me many tips and taught me how to drive and park to the standard that the department of transport set. She was always punctual and altered the lessons so suit my schedule. I couldn’t have passed without her and I am very thankful and would recommend her to everyone.

Stephanie Varacalli

A massive thank you to Bec Cohen at Road Rules Driving School. I passed my PDA on first attempt thanks to the amazing lessons I had. Bec turned up for each of my lessons on time and ran me through everything I needed to know about driving. Using a sheet with all the procedures on it, and having little toy cars, to explain how I needed to attempt them was very helpful and it allowed me to take information home so that I could look through it at any time. Bec’s teaching style was amazing, not only did I learn everything I needed but she was also kind, easy to talk to and had plenty of patience each time I made a mistake. I also had the pleasure of having a couple of lessons with Paul Cohen. Paul also showed the same patience and kindness needed when learning to drive. Being able to run through mock tests allowed me to see where I needed work and gave me an opportunity to revise the areas that I was not so strong on. I appreciate all the support I had from Bec and was able to attempt my PDA with confidence and ended with an amazing outcome. I definitely recommend Road Rules as a driving school to anyone who is learning to drive.

Taylor McLaughlin

From the very first lesson I was so happy with the detailed knowledge that Bec had of the requirements of passing the driving test.  She was always on time for my lessons and made me feel completely at ease right from the start. She was patient and very friendly. Through Becs approach I was able to gain the confidence and skills necessary to pass the pda. Thank you so much to Bec and Road Rules I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone wanting to learn to drive in the most stress free way.

James Pinneri