Kerren was very helpful and always patient. She gave me all the necessary skills and taught me to be much more confident on the road! I will definitely miss our car chats too!
Thanks Kerren

Regards, Chloe 🙂

Chloe Diedrick

Really helpful! Bec took me on my very first driving experience… and kept with me until the end. I love the persistence that she had with my too often slip ups on the road, and now that I’ve successfully passed first time, I can confidently recommend her to others. Thanks Bec! Diana Do

Diana Do

“I’d just like to pass on a huge thanks to my Road Rules driving instructor, Bec!

From my first time in the car, right up until the morning of my practical test, Bec was always there to support me and guide me in my learning experience. She was instrumental in extremely boosting my confidence, and her calm, cheery personality always made me feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Bec was thorough and very knowledgeable in all areas of driving rules and regulations, and consistently provided detailed diagrams and charts to aid and better my understanding. (She also used miniature cars in order to help me better understand the correct angles for parking and path!)

Just to really prove what a fantastic instructor Bec is, it’s because of her that I successfully passed my practical driving test on the first attempt!

Thank you isn’t enough to express how grateful I am to have had you as an instructor and friend.


Thanks a millions and kind regards,

Ella Grassi

Ella Grassi

I would like to say a huge thank you to Leanne Evans from Road Rules Driving School. I was incredibly nervous just to make the call and book a lesson but from the first conversation Leanne made me feel calm and assured that I was capable of driving. Leanne is an extremely patient and friendly person who does not push you to do anything you don’t want to do but helps you see that you can. Her knowledge of driving and the road rules was exceptionally good and it assured me that I was in safe hands and that I was learning everything I needed to know to pass my test. Thanks to Leanne I passed my test on the first go and I’ll am incredibly indebted to her for all her help and support. Laura Forte

Laura Forte

I would like to say a massive thank you to my drive instructor Leanne from Road Rules Driving School. Leanne is very passionate and enthusiastic about her job and made my learning to drive experience so much fun! Leanne was very patient with me and was always punctual. She is very knowledgeable and explains the different manoeuvres of driving with pictures making my lessons more engaging and easier to understand. Without Leanne I wouldn’t have been able to pass my test first go!
Thanks Leanne


As parents going through this all for the first time, we were after someone who would take our most precious asset, our daughter and our little girl, under their wing as is if she was their own, and show her above all how to stay safe on the road. At the same time show us a few tips on being good instructors as well.

We’re so glad we came to you through the recommendation of some close friends where you did the same thing in looking after their daughter.  I think these days too many people run a business just to make financial gain and not caring about anything else, rather than focusing on what really matters with the service they provide and understanding what it all means and how it fits into the learners life and that of the parents and family.  Let’s face it, a child learning to drive is a serious milestone and life event!

You certainly demonstrated care, empathy, trust and understanding all the way through Ella’s journey and we are very grateful and appreciative of the effort you put in.  We look forward to calling you in the not too distant future to look after daughter number two!!

Warmest regards

Ants and Cat Grassi

Ants and Cat Grassi

I am grateful to of had Bec as my driving instructor, she is very passionate and enthusiastic about her job making it a more enjoyable experience. Bec was always kind, caring, patient and dedicated to improving my driving skills, without her I wouldn’t of been able to do it! Thanks Bec 🙂 Karly


Leanne Evans is a brilliant driving instructor, on both a social and intellectual level. She is extremely punctual, professional and highly communicative, which lays the foundation for her very determined attitude. Leanne maintained a cordial and relaxed atmosphere throughout each driving lesson. In a short period of time, Leanne managed to teach me all the necessary driving procedures and rules. Leanne was especially logical and patient. I thoroughly recommend Leanne!

Dean Newfield